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Pioneering medical solutions for conflict victims

The reconstructive surgery programme in Amman, Jordan

The MSF Foundation is supporting the reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman, Jordan because the programme is an incubator for new medical practices. The organisation is implementing new, high-quality treatment protocols and providing comprehensive care, including orthopaedic, plastic and maxillofacial surgery as well as physiotherapy and mental health support. Hospital patients have access to high-quality treatment and a comprehensive, integrated approach to their care.

The cutting-edge reconstructive surgery programme was opened in Amman, Jordan, in 2007 to treat wounded patients in the region: Syria, Iraq, Jordan and more recently, Yemen.

3 700 patients
The work of surgical, anaesthetic, hospital hygiene and bacteriology teams at MSF has given rise to new pioneering protocols of an extremely high level of quality.

8 238 surgical operations
These protocols have been duplicated across all MSF operations and have become standard. They have brought about a complete transformation of all surgical programmes at MSF.

2016 Budget: €10 millions
MSF Foundation 2016 contribution: €700 000

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A patient tells their story

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The patients, receiving treatment in a larger, better adapted environment, now had access a level of care unlike no other in the region and a comprehensive, physical and physiological, approach.


The hospital layout

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A doctor’s visit to the hospital

The Al-Jazeera television cameras followed Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, an emergency doctor who visited MSF’s reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman in Jordan. Discover three patients’ journeys back to health.
Warning: This video contains footage that some viewers may find distressing.

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A fully-equipped clinical laboratory was opened at the hospital.


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MSF decided to move the reconstructive surgery programme to the Al-Mowasah Hospital to improve quality of care and increase capacity.


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MSF France opened a 40-bed hospital to treat victims of the Iraq conflict. Due to the prevailing insecurity in Baghdad, MSF decided to operate from the Red Cross hospital in Amman, Jordan.

The team


Birgit Schonharting

Head of physiotherapy

Brigit is a physiotherapist who qualified in Germany, and is currently working for MSF in Amman as the surgical programme’s head of physiotherapy.

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Dr. Rasheed M. Fakhri

Orthopaedic surgeon, surgical coordinator

Rasheed is an orthopaedic surgeon and has worked at the Amman hospital for 10 years. He organises all the medical and surgical activities at the hospital, oversees the quality of care and ensures that the necessary resources are available in time.

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Marc Schakal

Head of Mission

Marc has worked with MSF for 15 years. He started out as a programme administrator and quickly joined the emergency team. He has worked in a number of positions during his time with the organisation.

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