Our Governance

The MSF Foundation proposes an original governance model that brings together members of the founding association, MSF France, as well as experts and representatives of donors and philanthropists.The terms of office of Board members are for a period of three years, renewable twice.

Amman - Jordanie - Laboratoire Microbiologie

This specificity allows the governance of the MSF Foundation to benefit from different points of view and expertise to develop these projects.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is composed of three colleges distributed as follows:

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

The Founder’s College

It represents the MSF association and The MSF Foundation’s creators. The members of this college are renewed by the Board of Trustees of Médecins Sans Frontières according to a process determined by it.

  • Stéphanie Brochot, Treasurer of The MSF Foundation and MSF's Deputy General Director
  • Philippe Levaillant, member of the MSF Board
  • Dr Isabelle Defourny, President of MSF

The College of Donors and Philanthropists

It reflects our desire to work closely with our major donors and project initiators to guide the strategy and measure the impact of their actions. These members are elected by the members of the Assembly of Donors and Philanthropists.

  • Michel Crémieux
  • Louis Godron
  • Geoff Skingsley
Physiotherapist team at Tabarre hospital
Physiotherapist team at Tabarre hospital

The College of Experts

It includes skilled specialists to assist with the technical aspects of humanitarian action and The Foundation’s work.The members of this college are co-opted by the other members of the Board.

  • Bertier Luyt, 
  • Nicolas Mottis, President of the MSF Foundation
  • Elizabeth Pauchet, Vice-President of The MSF Foundation
The ASTapp team in Amman (Jordan)
The ASTapp team in Amman . Jordan. 2018

Government Commissioner

  • Henri-Michel Comet