Iyad Al Astal


Projet 3D Gaza

A tragic accidental explosion took place in early March in Gaza, killing many and injuring around 60, including around 30 victims of facial burns.




Faced with the global pandemic that affects us all, The Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation has decided to join its efforts with Médecins Sans Frontières in its fight against COVID-19.
Faithful to its commitments to innovation The MSF Foundation has participated, in collaboration with Epicenter and volunteer engineers from Google.org, in the development of electronic platforms in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anna Surinyach


Médecins Sans Frontières and medical quality

The question of quality in the work of Médecins Sans Frontières has been asked from the very beginning of the association's existence. The issue of improving the quality of practice is a part of ordinary professional activity. Médecins Sans Frontières' work involved working in distant lands and very specific environments, which demanded adjustments to medical practice as a result.

Yuri Kozyrev


When camps become cities - Rony Brauman

There can scarcely be any more sensitive marker of geopolitical transformations than the refugee. Not the individual refugee as such, but the phenomenon of refugees, the representations that make them visible and the discourse around them. From this point of view, 2016 was a year of upheaval, the like of which Europe had not seen since the war in the former Yugoslavia.