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Samar Ismail

To guarantee the continuity and development of the project in Jordan, a 3D supervisor position has been created in Amman. Samar Ismail, a physiotherapist, is now in charge of implementing this project and ensuring its sustainability. She organises the work of the team in collaboration with the patients.

“I’ve been working as a physiotherapist at the reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman since 2011. Many of my patients are war-wounded.  After an assessment, I provide them with the appropriate pre- and post-operative treatment. The 3D prosthesis project has attracted a lot of attention because it is new technology that can be used to provide remote assistance to patients in difficult areas or crisis situations."

Committed staff

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Safa Herfat

Biomedical engineer
Holding a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, Safa is an Assistant Professor in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery at University of California. He works in the program of reconstructive surgery in Amman in Jordan and he is the technical coordinator of the 3D prosthetics project.  

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Pierre Moreau

Pierre studied physiotherapy and has a Master of rehabilitation engineering.  He has worked for MSF since 2015. After a first mission in Ukraine and a second in Haiti, he joined the 3D-printed prosthetics project in November 2016. He arrived in Amman in February 2017.

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