Report in Haiti with the 3D program teams for the launch of the research study on compression masks

Each year, the MSF hospital in Port-au-Prince treats more than 600 people with severe burns. With the implementation of the 3D program, these patients benefit from facial compression masks, made with 3D technology, which are adapted to each patient and facilitate healing.

« Patient care does not stop at the hospital. There is a need for follow-up, afterwards, and this need for follow-up is just as important. We put elastic compression garments on the body as a whole, but the particularity of the face is that there are also specific contours for each patient. And we therefore make orthoses which are rigid in order to match the outline and shapes of the face », explains Pierre Moreau, MSF clinical coordinator.
In 2022, the MSF Foundation launched a research study on these compression masks in Haiti with the ambition of replicating this program as widely as possible, regardless of the context.
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[3D PROGRAMM] In Haiti, the MSF Foundation launches a research study on compression masks
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