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Antibiogo is looking for a Usability Testing Specialist

The MSF Foundation is looking for a Usability Testing Specialist for a new medical device used in LMIC


if you have experience in user experience design, usability testing for medical devices or engineering and want to work for a medical humanitarian organization, in various MSF intervention countries, this position is for you!

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the major public health threat especially in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) where it kills millions of patient every years.
Antibiogo is a free, open source and offline Android app, that supports non-expert laboratory technicians in LMICs in measuring and interpreting antimicrobial susceptibility tests in order to help doctors prescribe appropriate antibiotics to their patients. This project  will contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance in countries where access to Bacteriology testing is limited.

While a first version of the application is available and currently deployed within MSF laboratories, a second version of the app integrating additional features is under development that must be evaluated as well in terms of clinical performances. After app development, a summative usability study will be conducted, starting early 2023. The usability testing specialist will be responsible for this study.

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