Build your project with the MSF Foundation

With the MSF Foundation, founders and philanthropists can get involved in the conception and development of projects. You will contribute to pioneering new solutions to meet the needs of humanitarian workers in the field and help us to resolve the medical, logistic and technological problems they face. 

How does it work?

First, we listen and learn about your personal and professional background. We want to gain a good understanding of your expectations and how involved you would like to be.

Together, we identify the themes you are interested in. To take your project to the next, more concrete, stage, we organise meetings with our operations managers, project managers and partners.

Creating and managing your Foundation

Together, we draft an agreement which states the name of your foundations, its objectives and how it will be funded and governed. The draft is then approved by the MSF Foundation Board.
With sheltered foundation status, you are not burdened with financial management and accounting. The MSF Foundation manages all this on your behalf.
Tax efficiency
You enjoy for the same tax benefits as the MSF Foundation which is a Fondation Reconnue d’Utilité Publique (FRUP) or public utility foundation. For example, funds provided by you and your donors are deductable from your income or wealth tax (ISF) as stipulated by the French fiscal package of 2007 (TEPA or Labour, Employment and Purchasing power Act)
Your foundation committee is made up of you and your friends or family members and two representatives from the MSF Foundation or MSF. The committee decides on the projects your foundation will support and how these will be funded.
Download information on our 2018 rates and charges here.

Measuring the progress and impact of your project

Georgios Makkas/Panos Pictures

The MSF Foundation has considerable expertise in assessing projects and measuring their impact. This expertise has been developed over the years in MSF’s varied operational contexts. It will serve your foundation, enabling the committee to determine the correct direction and development and, in doing so, will maximise its effectiveness.

The team at the Centre de Réflexion sur l’Action et les Savoirs Humanitaires (CRASH) can also be involved in monitoring and evaluating your project if necessary.