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Marc Schakal

Marc has worked with MSF for 15 years. He started out as a programme administrator and quickly joined the emergency team. He has worked in a number of positions during his time with the organisation.

We have adopted a different approach in Amman to the typical MSF programme. The Amman hospital demonstrates what MSF is capable of in a war context, and requires long-term strategic planning, with innovation and knowledge-sharing that can serve other missions. The aim of the programme is to provide comprehensive care to victims of war from neighbouring countries including both reconstructive surgery and mental health care. The project aims to give patients the highest possible quality of care. The Al-Mowasah hospital is an MSF establishment that works with complete independence, respecting the principles of neutrality and impartiality. 

Committed staff


Birgit Schonharting

Head of physiotherapy

Brigit is a physiotherapist who qualified in Germany, and is currently working for MSF in Amman as the surgical programme’s head of physiotherapy.

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Dr. Rasheed M. Fakhri

Orthopaedic surgeon, surgical coordinator

Rasheed is an orthopaedic surgeon and has worked at the Amman hospital for 10 years. He organises all the medical and surgical activities at the hospital, oversees the quality of care and ensures that the necessary resources are available in time.

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