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Together, we can transform humanitarian action

Together, we can foster the research and development of new tools and practices with the potential to advance humanitarian action all the way through to implementation.

Why create a sheltered foundation?

You know MSF, one of the biggest humanitarian emergency medical organisations with operations in 70 countries. You know how demanding the organisation is in terms of response time, quality of care and efficiency. You want to get more involved, bringing your experience to help The MSF Foundation projects to get started, and benefit from detailed feedback on the long-term impact of your actions through regular reports and total transparency. The MSF Foundation offers everything you need to put your skills to use and implement your pioneering projects. Together, we can imagine and develop ideas today which will serve the humanitarian action of tomorrow.

More than140 sheltered foundationscreated each year in France, why not you?

In practice

We help you to:

  • Determine the themes that correspond to your charitable aspirations and respond to the needs of humanitarian actions in the field.
  • Create your foundation and put in place its governance and management.
  • Monitor the projects you support.
  • Meet and exchange with humanitarian actors in the field, our partners and the other donors supporting our projects.

The team is at your disposal


Clara Nordon

Director of The MSF Foundation


Annie Nelly Scain

Legacies and Donations


Florence Penfeunteun

Executive Assistant