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Hatim Masadeh

Hatim has experience in the traditional manufacturing of prostheses, and was particularly interested by the 3D-print prosthesis project which gave him the opportunity to discover an innovative new manufacturing process. 

"Working with the biomedical engineer, I take the necessary measurements and finalise the prosthesis production once it has been printed. With the physiotherapist, we then evaluate the suitability of the socket and prosthesis over time. With 3D technologies and numerical imaging, the prosthetist can work remotely which is a huge advantage in complex or dangerous field conditions."

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Pierre Moreau

Pierre studied physiotherapy and has a Master of rehabilitation engineering.  He has worked for MSF since 2015. After a first mission in Ukraine and a second in Haiti, he joined the 3D-printed prosthetics project in November 2016. He arrived in Amman in February 2017.

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Safa Herfat

Biomedical engineer
Holding a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, Safa is an Assistant Professor in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery at University of California. He works in the program of reconstructive surgery in Amman in Jordan and he is the technical coordinator of the 3D prosthetics project.  

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