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A free diagnostic aid application to counter antibiotic resistance.
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Antibiogo is a diagnostic aid medical device that aims to help doctors prescribe the most effective antibiotics to their patients. It is available as a free, open source and offline Android application. It allows non-expert laboratory technicians to measure and interpret antibiograms. It provides accurate results that can also be used for monitoring purposes and updating empirical treatments based on actual etiology.

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  • Thanks to Antibiogo, any microbiology laboratory technician, anywhere in LMIC, will be able to read and interpret an antibiogram directly on their telephone and know the resistance profile of the bacteria responsible for patient infection.
    Nada Malou
    Dr Nada Malou
    Antibiogo Program ManagerThe MSF Foundation
  • Although there is a surveillance system coordinated by the Nigerien Ministry of Health, it is dysfunctional due to its paper-based format and the long distances that health workers must travel in difficult terrain to submit their surveillance reports. To improve this system and enable it to deploy its response more quickly, the Ministry turned to the MSF Foundation.
    NatalieRoberts DEF
    Natalie Roberts
    Program Manager Alerte EpidémiesMSF Foundation
  • Thanks to a clinical questionnaire, I identify and analyze the needs and expectations of each patient prior to the manufacturing process. This is a long but essential step in the design of prostheses adapted to the specificities of each patient.
    Pierre Moreau
    Pierre Moreau
    3D Programm Manager3D programm

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