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Make your generosity count

The MSF Foundation is a recognised public benefit organisation and as such can offer you the chance to benefit from considerable tax deductions on your income tax and real estate wealth tax [IFI).

Do you pay income tax?

66% of your donation can be deducted from your income tax, up to 20% of your net taxable income (over 20%, the excess is reported over the next 5 years)

As from January 2019, income tax will be deducted directly from pay (at source) by employers, pension funds, the Job Centre (Pôle Emploi) or the tax office. 

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Do you pay IFI ?

You can deduct 75% of your donation from your IFI. The tax reduction ceiling on donations is €50,000, a maximum donation of €66,666 for all your donations to the Fondation Médecins Sans Frontières. 

Tax calculator

Combine generosity and tax efficiency

Do you pay IFI?

If so, you can deduct 75% of your donation from your IFI. The tax reduction ceiling on donations is €50,000. The ceiling for direct or indirect investments in small or medium-sized companies made before 31 December 2017 is €45,000. Since 1 January 2018, investments in small & medium-sized companies can no longer be deducted from your IFI.*

Calculate the donation that will give you the greatest tax reduction.

This tool is a simulator. None of the data you enter is kept on record.

This tool is a simulator. None of the data you enter is kept on record.

* Based on the information available today.

IFI / IR - Tax Calendar

If you are indebted to the IFI and / or the IR, date of your declaration depends of your department of residence.




Estimate of your estate


Not concerned

Declaration form


N° 2042

Date of paper tax declaration


May 16th, 2019 at 11:59 pm

Date of internet tax  declaration

01 à 19

Non-resident in France

May 21nd, 2019 at 11:59 pm

2A à 49

May 28, 2019 at 11:59 pm

50 à 976

June 4,  2019 at 11:59 pm

Tax receipt


To be kept and produced if requested by the tax authorities during the 3 years following your declaration. *

*2019 tax calendar updated the March, 19th, 2019, on the website

Tax benefits

Donation and tax exemption

By donating to the Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation, you can support an important cause and numerous innovative projects while reducing your tax bill. 

If you have net real estate assets in excess of €1,300,000, you are liable for French wealth tax (IFI). This tax is based on the value at 1st January of tangible and intangible real estate assets after deduction of debts. 

How can you benefit from a tax deduction or exemption? 

You can reduce and even be totally exempted from IFI by making a donation to a Foundation recognised as being of public benefit such as the Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation. The maximum reduction is €50,000 per year. 
To calculate your reduction, just divide the amount of your wealth tax by 0.75. For example, if you pay €1,500 in wealth tax, with a donation of €2, 000 you can deduct all your IFI tax.

In return, the Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation will send you a tax receipt within two weeks of receiving your donation. 

Your personal advisor

The MSF Foundation is your partner. Contact us to help you put in place your charitable ambitions:


Catherine Béchereau Donor Loyalty and Philanthropy
01 40 21 56 88

Tax scale 2018*

Only taxpayers whose net taxable estate value is equal to or above €1 300 000 are liable for income tax. This liability is progressive.

Income tax may not exceed 75% of your income in France and abroad, after deduction of professional fees from the previous year (2016 here).

Wealth bracket
Applicable rate
From 0 € to 800 000 €(*)
0 %
From over 800 000 € to 1 300 000 €(*)
0,50 %
From more than 1 300 000 to 2 570 000 €(*)
0,70 %
From more than 2 570 000 to 5 000 000 €(*)
1 %
From more than 5 000 000 to 10 000 000 €(*)
1,25 %
More than 10 000 000 €(*)
1,50 %

* Based on the information available today.

(*) A reduction applies to estates worth between €1 300 000 and €1 400 000.
It is: €17 000 — 1.25% of the net taxable value of the taxpayer’s estate

A donor speaks

Nicholas Dylan Ray


Given the complexity of the world we live in with conflicting and confronting interests, I find it reassuring that through the MSF Foundation, the association is giving itself the means to question its intervention methods and experiment new solutions to improve its performance on the field, with a common single and simple objective: to treat the people who need it most. I am pleased to be able to contribute to this objective as a donor.

Nicholas Dylan Ray
© Nicholas Dylan Ray


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A new free smartphone app to help diagnose antibiotic resistance

Fondation MSF has been awarded a $1.3 million Google Artificial Intelligence Impact Challenge grant to develop a smartphone app that would help doctors and clinicians diagnose antibiotic resistance in low-resource settings. Watch the video of the conference "Using technology to change the world" at the award ceremony with Nada Malou, MSF Micobiologist advisor.
Key Datas

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3D Prosthetics

Since 2016, The MSF Foundation ventured into the world of 3D technology in an attempt to address the poor access to prosthetics that is the reality across much of the world. Currently the project team is looking to verify that 3D printing is a solution adapted to the field, faster and less expensive. Find the datas 2017

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Collaborative Learning Lab

The MSF Foundation is supporting the development of a training course for MSF coordinators running emergency operations in conflict or major disaster situations.

Contributing is the best way to help us drive change.